An athlete’s confidence on race day can always be traced back to a well-executed training plan established by a knowledgeable coach. Athlete’s that truly aim to unlock their maximum potential understand that this plan needs to be tailored specifically for them to not only meet their goals and expectations, but to also help them balance out other life factors such as work and family.

Premium Coaching is designed for athletes who are ready to take a long-term, seasonal approach to their training and racing. The goals can range from completing their first triathlon to aiming for podium finish or even qualification for nation and world championship races. A customized annual training plan (ATP) will be created for the athlete after an initial consultation and, from there, a custom training plan will be provided to the athlete from their own premium Training Peaks account (included with package). Feedback from the athlete will be greatly encouraged throughout the season, and regular check-ins can be expected from the coach to make any changes necessary to the training plan.

How it Works:

EnFlight Multisport has partnered with Coach Sami Winter and Fusion Endurance to provide athletes with a wealth of knowledge and resources to meet their individual goals. If you are interested in one-on-one coaching with Coach Harrison, head over to Fusion Endurance and fill out the information needed for the "Get Started" tab. Please mention that you would like to work with Coach Harrison! From there we can set up a consultation and get started right away.

Benefits Include:

  • Premium Training Peaks account

  • Initial face-to-face consultation

  • Customized annual training plan

  • Individualized training schedule, updated monthly

  • Monthly consultation to analyze progress

  • 10% Discount on Video Analysis Sessions

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